Would love some more info on Brix tests


Dear Friends,

I am new to Brix tests and have a couple of questions:

  1. I am wondering if it matters when I take the test as I understand there are different times of the day when the sugars may be high or low.
  2. Thinking about this and when we cut our hay/haylage. Are the sugars stored in the hay and if so is it better to cut the grass when the sugars are high? Just how much is the difference to the forage and so to the animal?

My garlic crusher sometimes finds it quite hard to get…


Some garlic crushers are stronger than others. Some will break before you get much sap out but I now have one that is incredibly strongly made and works a treat. Nisbets sell it


Dear ian,

You cleverly guessed the rest of my missing sentence which is that it finds it hard to get a drop of water out of the grass! It hasn`t yet broken but tends to squash the grass through and not the water.
Will try Nisbets!


Hi Fidelity

Great questions - yes Brix will vary a lot depending what time you do it. We would advise doing all brix readings around the same time of day where possible.

This is my understanding of why: Brix reads the amount of sugar in the plant leaves. The plant is making sugar in it’s leaves (photosynthesising) from just after sunrise and so sugar levels build up, they then peak around 2/3pm and then the plant starts going into storage mode before sundown and sending the sugars down into the roots, so the sugar levels in the leaves decrease again. So if you want the highest brix readings, best to do them around lunchtime.

Would others agree with that understanding?