Test 2.4: Where can I get the sap pH Meter? And what do results mean?


I have had a few people enquire about getting a sap pH Meter for doing test 2.4.
The one suggested on the website is this Horiba LAQUA Twin B-711: http://www.horiba.com/laquatwin/en/lineup/index.html#ph

One place you can buy it in the UK is here, for around £120 (+VAT). @nielscorfield can you confirm this is the correct one?

Does anyone have any experience of using it? When I saw Graeme Sait speak at Groundswell last year he talked a lot about using sap pH as an indicator of plant and soil health. I wonder as an organic farmer how helpful it is as a measure to inform management decisions. If the pH of a plant is too high or too low how would that inform our actions?

( Extra: It appears the B-712 is sold more widely (like here), it’s slightly more expensive, but it seems that the main difference is just that it can give readings to a higher resolution of 0.01, rather than the B-711 which just does up to 0.1 accuracy. )


£120 is a bargain

It’s probably more applicable for perennial growers. And using a mineral balancing programme.
But in the same was as brix it can show a pos or neg trend. 6.4 Is the target.
Foliar applictions are the usual response.
Joel Williams also has experience of using this device.


This webinar will prob have some related info