Opening up this forum to the public


Dear all,

We’d like to increase the activity on this forum and transform it into a go-to online space to discuss soil monitoring and farm management practises which build soil health.

We aim to open up the discussion and learnings to all the farmers and practitioners who are doing soil monitoring so we can all learn together what works best. We believe this will be of great benefit to you, farmers already using our app as well as many others who want to learn more.

If you would not like any of your previous posts to be shared, please let us know and we will delete them. The plan is to open it up next week, on Thursday 11th October, so we hope to hear from you before then.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know by replying to this thread, or email

Speak soon,

Annie, Abby & the Sectormentor For Soils Team



Count me in



Is anyone else struggling to break up the turves from older herbal leys? There is such an intermingled mass of roots and stems that it is difficult to pull apart.

Or am I just being a bit wishful that it was easier and quicker?





I reckon that a knife would be good to cut through the foliage and also to start the block break up

Which test are you doing by the way



Yes knife definitely a good idea. But the soil looks very nice in amongst those roots. Were you trying to do an earthworm count?
How many years has this herbal ley been in?