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This is a place for talking about and understanding your soils. Here we are working together to understand soils better.

Do share why you are working on soil health, what it’s like doing the tests, questions and curiosities that come along the way and any results you want to discuss, including how management decisions affect soil health. Here we can discuss our findings and insights to better understand our soil health together.

If you’re new to the community please write a couple of sentences to introduce yourself!


Hi there!

I’m going to take the plunge and introduce myself first :grinning:

My name is Annie, at the moment I’m involved in a few different projects, all farming related. Firstly I help Abby out with marketing for Vidacycle Tech | Sectormentor for soils as well as social media for our sister podcast Farmerama Radio. The rest of the time I work as a Network Coordinator for The Food Assembly, a click and collect network of online farmers markets.

I’ve got a personal interest in farming - my father has a small mixed arable and livestock farm near Oxford, which I’m keen to learn more about and think how to take forward in the future. I’ve been learning about the fields and deciding where to start soil testing, but have yet to get out in the fields. Last time I was home the ground was frozen solid!

Looking forward to chatting with you all on here at some point.


@abby @inti @nielscorfield you’re up next for the intros! :wink:


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Please write a couple of sentences to introduce yourself to the soil health community! Let’s kickstart the conversation. :grinning: :seedling: