How do you want to see your soil health analysis? A report card like this?


I have put together a very rough drawing of a soils report, using some real and some made up data for ‘Side of the Hill’ @ian @nielscorfield - what are your initial thoughts? Obviously it would all be made digital, but in terms of a soil health report is this the kind of thing you would like to see.

Would be great to have comments from anyone else as well - what results do you want to see? Would you want to see them on a field by field basis? Do you actually care about the different metrics on this sample report?


Ian responded with the following:

I would like a summary of results taken on a particular day for a particular field with photos if possible. Could this be summarized down to a Soil Health Index by weighting the various different metrics?

Trends over time for a particular field for one or maybe more measurements

I am really not the expert here but if your target audience is farmers then it needs to be fairly uncomplicated and easy to read.

I will be re-sampling fields in March and give it more thought.