Best refractometer to get?


(question originally asked by Fidelity W).
I am investing in a soil testing tool kit and see there are a variety of refractometers out there. Are they all the same? Does it matter which I get? They seem to vary between £40 and £90 so I presume there must be a difference? If you have any advice on where to get any of the kit eg the soil probes – those look pretty basic and standard, do let me know.

I cannot wait to get going to get a baseline on a few of our key fields.


(reply from Niels)
Honestly I don’t know.

Have tried to ask the big manufacturers for example what it is that makes theirs better but the sales people just don’t know.

From memory mine was 20 quid off eBay.

It’s something I’d like to know more about as well. A comparison between diff examples.

So if you felt like getting a couple or I could get mine to you for a few weeks that would be good to see.


(from Fidelity)
I think I will just get one off ebay or something like that and we can compare. Maybe you could come over with yours and we use them both side by side when you are here so we can see the difference.


Is this for Brix? I have been looking at getting one but wasn’t sure whether to go for a peep hole one or a digital one? Links to what people have would be interesting.


Yes it is for Brix, as outlined here:

I think Niels has this one: but maybe he can confirm?


That one looks fine.
The 0-20 scale should mean it’s nice and easy to read
Main thing is it needs to auto temperature compensating (ATC)


Otherwise, basically it looks like the ones on eBay etc, are a copy of this unit.
Haven’t been able to ascertain the difference between these units.
Guess that one is about buying a name, with peace of mind


Useful to know - thanks for sharing these links @nielscorfield @abby. I’m keen to do the Brix test so think I’ll try out the ebay one!


Very useful info. Very affordable which is great, I have just ordered!


Let us know how you get on! One thing to keep in mind is that it’s good to keep the refractometer relatively dry, so when using them out in the field it’s good to bring a cloth to dry it off from time to time!