Bale grazing with lambing sheep


Hi All,

Just trying out this forum with a question. We have a field we are actively trying to improve as it is very very poor. We did some bale grazing in December before it got too wet for the cattle and we had not got bales placed out there. We had not pre-planned to do this so it is a bit ad hoc out there and now I am wondering if I put all our sheep in that field and feed them silage while they are lambing so we give it another blast of poo and left over silage. I would move the silage across the field in strips but not use electric fencing as I think sheep need to get away from the flock and find a nice corner to lamb in. Also helps with mis mothering. It would be from next week until mid April so before any significant grass growth. There is very little growth on the grass at present. Any views anyone? All the best Fidelity


Hello Fidelity, I outwintered my Cows on a full farm rotation, and on those fields that aren’t performing I held the animals for longer whilst feeding hay to try to do what you are attempting - i.e add nutrients. As I said on the PFLA site - my tip would be not to use a feeder, but to spread the hay/silage evenly in the field. I tend to take a bale in on a quadbike trailer and fork it out manually as I drive along. Works a treat with large squares as you can fork the sections off. Some people have questioned feeding it straight on the ground due to wastage, but I find if you work out their daily intakes and take a bit off for the grass they will graze, they tend to pick everything up. Feed little and often.



Thank you so much for your reply. Very useful and I think we will try it in exactly the same way you suggest. All the best, Fidelity