1.2 Slake Test - crumbly soil that falls apart immediately?


A week ago my dad and I went out and did slake tests on soil in 3 different fields. Each of the fields were quite different. But I found some of the results slightly confusing.
You can see a picture of the results of the slake tests after 2 hours here
Sector 1: some of the soil stuck together, definite halo of red dirt after 2 hours and almost completely fell apart after 24 hrs.
Sector 2: soil in the top layer stay together completely over 24 hours. soil from bottom layer broke down similar to sector 1.
Sector 7: soil was incredibly crumbly in the ground, so to even get a ‘pea’ had to kind of squeeze it together. They broke down almost completely within 2 hours into the red pile of dirt.

My take-aways for sector 1 was lack of organic matter. sector 2 good organic matter and aggregation in top layer, less so in bottom. But for Sector 7 I’m puzzled. If the soil is that crumbly going down over 20 cm, does that mean it is not crumbly due to aggregation but due to previous treatment (e.g it was dug up/ploughed about 4 years ago) and that it has almost no aggregation going on, and therefore is very susceptible to compaction? Or am I missing something?